What is the EURIPHI Value Based Procurement Community of Practice?

What is the EURIPHI Value Based Procurement Community of Practice?

A Community of public procurers, representatives of purchasing organisations and providers in health and social care interested in sharing experiences, learnings, good practices and use cases on Value Based Procurement.


  • By applying a value-based approach to the procurement of innovation and innovative solutions.
  • By participating in a learning process to implement value-based PPI and PCP and exploring opportunities to engage in future calls.
  • By engaging with an ecosystem of professionals with a strong focus on EU innovation procurement (PPI and PCP) as a tool to respond to health and social care challenges.

Members of the EURIPHI VBP CoP are individuals, representatives of procurement organisations.
Members of the EURIPHI VBP CoP must show a high level of engagement to VBP and a drive to change current procurement practice towards a value-based innovation procurement approach.
In the EURIPHI VBP CoP, members have a strong intent to use the MEAT VBP or are conducting / having conducted a VBP pilot / project

Stakeholders in the groups listed below, can apply to become members of the EURIPHI VBP CoP:

  • EURIPHI consortium partners, including national and regional public procurement organisations and hospital providers;
  • EURIPHI Advisory Board members; Committed individuals / representatives of procurement organisations, with a clear interest in Value Based innovation procurement.

For more details see the Terms and Conditions below.


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