The main EURIPHI results are translated into the deliverables of the project and the public ones are available on this page.

Among other topics, the EURIPHI project aims at:

  • Highlighting the unmet procurement needs to implement innovative solutions in healthcare;
  • Conduct one or more PCP/PPIs to drive the shift towards health systems reform;
  • Undertake Open Market Consultations with the industry on Rapid Diagnostics and Integrated Care issues;
  • Analyse the differences in legal public procurement framework for the participating procurers in health and social care.

EURIPHI overall results:

  • Improve the networking of health and social care providers and public procurers in healthcare systems.
  • Identify the stakeholders and specifications for a strategy to launch procurement for innovative diagnostics for infectious diseases, and for innovative solutions in integrated care.
  • Optimised procurement strategy for innovative infectious disease diagnostics and for innovative solutions in integrated care.

EURIPHI project results:

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