Prioritization and Test Case Learnings

Prioritization and Test Case Learnings

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Published on 27.09.2019

This deliverable provides an overview of the most important learnings collected from the partners in the EURIPHI project. The learnings, under the project, correspond with the main steps in the full procurement process as executed. Key learnings have been collected on e.g. the application of the VBP procurement approach and the associated MEAT-VBP framework. The learning are structured around the prioritization of common unmet needs, market readiness assessment using an Open Market Consultation and management of the challenges associated with cross-border procurement, including its legal issues, defining final procurement needs and overall consideration on the full procurement process. The learnings serve to draft the MoU Principles of Cooperation, writing of PPI in selected fields, to further finetune the supportive actions and support any future call writing in health and social care procurement. Specific consideration on prioritized procurement objective and learning from specific partners are provided within the annexes.

D5.1 Prioritization and Test Case Learnings

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