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Published on 27.09.2019

EURIPHI – H2020 Coordinating and Support Action – will beyond preparing supportive actions, preparing for future EU calls, engage in building out a network of procurement organization and health& social regions as part of the project. Post 2020 (i.e. after the H2020 project), EURIPHI will continue to engage in initiatives and create a structure to build out the networks and through the EURIPHI post 2020 website have a hub, portal provide access to reports in support of future cross-border value based innovation procurement, have available tools and provide a platform to share organization and persons’ view on value based – , on innovation – and on cross-border procurement of innovative solution. This in support of the exploitation of EURIPHI.

Post 2020 EURIPHI will consist of 3 pillars:

  • 1. The EURIPHI community of practice members will be integrated in the European Value Based Procurement Community of Practice, where a specific focus on innovation procurement will be on of the focus areas.
  • 2. The EURIPHI Health and Social Care Regional Network will be further build out with a specific agenda. This with the support of EUREGHA and secretarial support provided by MedTech Europe minimum till end 2021.
  • 3. The EURIPHI portal website managed by the EURIPHI secretariat and new development communicated also with the EURIPHI Twitter account.

D7.5 POST 2020

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