Functionalities and technical prescriptions

Functionalities and technical prescriptions

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Published on 27.09.2019

The tasks undertaken in WP6 aims to encapsulate and clarifies the outputs generated in EURIPHI by the tasks conducted earlier and in parallel. In particular, it will take advantage of the knowledge capitalised in the EURIPHI Value Based Community of Practice and in support actions such as Cross Border PPI legal guidance. Innovative solutions have been identified in the fields of rapid diagnostic (RD) tools in infectious disease and in the most promising integrated care services (IC). The identification of specific demands and prioritization has been done by expert partners and through the establishment of the Health Regional Network including stakeholders. Following an open market consultation, case testing was performed in order to validate and refine the demands identified on both fields.

All this input will feed the different core activities for a suitable cross border Value-based PPI/PCP, which entails the redesign of clinical pathways having a strong focus on improved health outcomes, and more robust health outcomes measurement, consideration of additional benefit of value for health care actors and resulting in economic most advantageous, cost-efficient purchasing.

In the present deliverable D6.2, the rationale and the unmet needs will be translated into functionalities, which will become the core section of the technical specifications for future potential PCP/PPI. Although, unmet needs are already identified in earlier tasks, it is convenient to conduct a co-creation process involving the different stakeholders within each procuring entity, such as procurement professionals, clinicians from different care levels and patients’ voice. This will ensure an internal validation and thus the mitigation of risks in the future implementation of innovative service.

Among the different procurement objectives defined in both rapid diagnostics and integrated care, the consortia decided to focus on one objective per field. For reasons that will be explained in the Background section, the selected procurement objectives are:

  1. Rapid diagnosis tool for antibiotic stewardship of VAP; and
  2. Integrated risk assessment tools on Stroke.

D6.2 Functionalities and technical prescriptions

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