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Published on 27.09.2019

Deliverable D3.1 reports on work undertaken in WP3 up to M8. The ultimate goal of WP3 is to gain insights and organise the demand side around a small set of Procurement Objectives to address the identified integrated care service delivery issues and to assist Euriphi care delivery organisations and Public Procurement Organisations in the related procurement processes which will start with an Open Market Consultation (OMC). WP3 focuses on 5 topics that are specifically relevant for integrated care service innovation and that have been chosen during the proposal phase already:

• Stroke
• Dementia
• Multimorbidity
• Aortic Stenosis

Work included a systematic analysis of delivery shortcomings and their translation into “Integrated care Procurement Objectives” (ICPOs) as presented in Chapter 3 of this document. This was followed by a survey addressed to collect feedback from the procurement and care delivery organisations involved in Euriphi to understand their priorities in relation to the identified initial procurement objectives. Results revealed a reduction of the initial long list of 36 ICPOs to a shorter list of 13 ICPOs that again were subject to a survey addressed to regions, PPOs and care delivery organisations across Europe. Results from the second survey and consultation with the Euriphi Advisory Board will reveal 3-4 ICPOs that will inform the OMC in October 2019 and will later in the project be used to apply the MEAT value-based procurement methodology to future innovative solution PPIs.

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