Buyers group proposed model of governance

Buyers group proposed model of governance

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Published on 27.09.2019

The work undertaken in EURIPHI-CSA project has increased procurers’ capacity in Value-Based Procurement (VBP) activities along all the preparatory pre-Tender key phases in both Rapid Diagnosis and Integrated Care fields. Starting from the assessment of care delivery shortcomings, going through the definition of procurement objectives and along an Open market Consultation (Market Readiness Analysis) – two in the case of Rapid Diagnosis- and with the eventual definition of a procurement case, as well as future tender specifications and the awarding criteria.

Prior to get into the procurement tender execution phase, the Buyer Group need to define the form under which the procurement will be designed. This decision is relevant and has implications depending on the different cross-border collaboration model the buyer group decide to go through.

The present document will provide assistance on the definition of model of governance for the buyers group, being this key to ensure the best common decisions during the tender execution phase. Among these decisions, a well-structured model of governance will enable Buyer Group to decide the extent to which they will collaborate with each other (external with other buying groups and internal taking an multidisciplinary approach) and during both the tender preparatory and execution stages, based on their political, economic and institutional contexts.

In conclusion, the present deliverable D6.4 aims to serve as a guideline for the buyers group involved in public procurement of innovative solutions to best define the governance and model of cooperation on the tender preparatory and execution stages.

D6.4 Buyers group proposed model of governance

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